For first time students:

  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes before class begins.
  • Try not to eat any food for at least 2-3 hours before class starts.
  • Hydration is essential. Drink a generous amount of water throughout the day to help prepare your body for the yoga room.
  • Wear close-fitting attire so that you can see your form in the mirror.
  • Commit yourself to remaining in class for the full 90 minutes, even if it means resting on your mat until your body acclimates to the temperature.
  • Yoga mats and towels are available for rental, as well as water, sports drinks, and various kinds of yoga apparel for sale.
  • We have a co-ed wet steam room for you to sit in just prior to class to help loosen your joints and muscles. In addition, there are changing rooms equipped with showers for you rejuvenate after the completion of class.