It is a pleasure to welcome you to Bikram Yoga Marina Del Rey.  As you will soon see I can talk about my journey, teaching experiences, growth, and practitioner trials endlessly. Instead I will do my best to sum up just how grateful I am to be able to share this amazing yoga in the community of Marina Del Rey…

I took my first Bikram Yoga class fall 1999.  At the time I was transitioning from a demanding dance career. Though I was still in my early twenties, I had been dancing professionally since the age of eight, and like many athletes had endured many injuries. Suffering from scoliosis of the spine and neck, bad knees, dual leg castings, and multiple arthroscopic surgeries, I was desperately looking for a challenging workout that would heal my ailments.

I first learned of yoga researching the yellow pages.  Bikram Yoga Old Town San Diego had an ad that looked appealing.  I called and spoke with Emma, the owner, then enrolled in my first class optimistic I would leave feeling “zen”. As I entered the room I recall feeling defeated immediately!  How could this be yoga? I05 degrees for 90 minutes, this is crazy!  I was determined not to give up so I stayed and took Emma’s class. Much like dance I worked every tendon, muscle,  and ligament in my body.  Different from dance class however, I didn’t feel much pain other than the injuries I had endured over the years. Had I found an answer? Was this it?

Over the next decade I continued to practice Bikram Yoga internationally during my worldly travels. Each time I loved the yoga more and more.  Regardless of location, culture, or language I never faced a barrier; instead I was embraced unconditionally. My injuries continued to improve and I loved the invigorating feeling I experienced after each class. I was getting stronger, my spine was strengthening and I was able to get through many days, sometimes weeks pain free!

After entertaining the idea of training to be a yoga instructor for many years I finally decided to commit.  At the time I was in the process of completing graduate school. Against much considered advice I enrolled in the training just 5 days before it started, and placed my graduate studies on hold. I can tell you it was the best decision I ever made; one that changed my life forever and gave me the gift of teaching.

Much like any new trade one learns, I returned eager and determined to share my new found education. As a life long learner, similar to my mentor Dr. Al Erdynast explains: “the more educated I become, the more I realize I know nothing.” Each and every time I enter the hot room I am humbled by the experience to learn, share, and grow with my fellow students and practitioners.

Bikram Yoga has blessed me with the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. In my average class you will witness an age span covering 65-70years (a child age 12 to 13, to a senior age 75-90). Each class I never know what to expect, I learn my strengths and weaknesses much like the ups and downs we all face in life. I am honored Bikram gifted me with the opportunity to represent Bikram Yoga Marina del Rey (thanks Boss!). Please make sure you say hello and take the time to share with me how this yoga is changing your life.

Stay Blessed

-Challyn Marie