Q – I have not exercised for a long time and I heard that Bikram Yoga is an intense, full-body workout. Should I already be in shape before coming to take class?

A – No. Bikram Yoga is a beginning series created for people of all ages and levels of exercise. Anyone can come and try it, no matter what shape you are in. Even those who suffer with chronic pain and disease are encouraged to practice. You will improve from the moment you walk into your first class! The yoga series will help your body remain healthy for a longer, happier life. Bikram’s Motto is you are “never too old, never too sick, never too bad… to start from scratch and begin again.”

Q – What if I am not flexible?

A – This is perhaps the most common misconception that prevents people from trying to practice yoga. You do not need to be flexible to practice Bikram Yoga, all body types are different. In class you are encouraged to discover your strengths and weaknesses. It is not how deep the stretch rather the proper form and your body will receive the full 100% benefit! As you practice more and more, you will notice that your body gradually becomes less stiff and rigid.

Q – Are the postures the same every time?

A – Yes. The Bikram Yoga series is specifically designed to flow from one posture to the next, meaning that one posture opens a specific area of the body in preparation for the subsequent posture.

Q – Why does the yoga room have to be so hot?

A – The room is heated for several reasons:

  • to speed up your heart rate to work your cardiovascular system
  • to increase your flexibility and assist you in stretching deeper to affect healing
  • to aid the body in releasing toxins from organs, muscles, and tissues
  • to thin the blood to clear out the cardiovascular system
  • to develop your strength by keeping muscle tissue in an optimum state of change
  • to re-adjust lipids in the muscular structure
  • to eliminate trauma and injury to the body

If you feel highly uncomfortable inside the room, try to practice for 4 to 7 consecutive days. As tough as it might sound, the determination to overcome this obstacle will do wonders for your endurance as you move forward in your practice.

Q – Is it normal to feel sick, dizzy, and nauseous in class?

A – Yes. Especially for the beginning practitioner, these are all completely normal sensations to experience. The most important thing to do is to maintain normal, calm breathing (in and out your nose) while practicing in an effort to execute each posture correctly. Do the best you can, taking breaks for rest as needed. Learn to listen to your body and take care of yourself.

Typically, feelings of sickness, dizziness, or nausea can result from lack of water (dehydration), eating too soon (less than an hour before class), or not enough food (skipping food and meals throughout the day). In most cases correcting the default will rectify the ill feelings, however this too is an indicator to listen to your body and take note of what does and does not work for you. Drink plenty water throughout the day to make sure you are well hydrated. The worse you feel, the more you need Bikram yoga. As terrible as you might feel during class, you will experience a great sense of accomplishment and exhilaration once completing. Hang in there, you’ll be thankful that you did!

Q – Is it a cardiovascular workout and can I lose weight?

A – The Bikram Series is among the most efficient exercise routines that directly impacts and improves your cardiovascular health. Yoga helps to bring your body into balance, so even if you are not seeking to lose weight, you will eventually obtain your desired result. With continuous practice, your body will become stronger, leaner, and lighter. However, consistency is the key.

Q – I heard you sweat a lot, is this true?

A- You heard correct, the average practitioner can lose 3-10 pounds of water weight per class. Though this is WATER weight, this is one of the most important benefits: detoxification via the largest organ of the body (our skin). The more you practice Bikram Yoga, the more you sweat, your sebaceous glands open, it is a sign of an efficient cardio vascular system. Rejoice…you are headed in the right direction.

Q – What if I’m pregnant?

A – The first trimester is a vital time for the developing fetus and you may be tired and/or feeling ill. Therefore, it is best to wait until after your 12th week before starting the yoga. Postures are modified for pregnancy but done with the regular students so you are welcome at any class. If you already do Bikram yoga and feel well, you may just continue your regular practice until you feel the need for the modifications (between 8 and 12 weeks).

Q – How do I get started?

A – Please arrive 15-20 minutes before class time and fill out a medical release form. Bring a large bath towel, a smaller hand towel, drinking water, and a yoga mat (if possible). Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and come with a positive mindset. It is recommended that you also eat at least 2-3 hours before class time. Yoga is best done on an empty stomach. NOTE: Students under 17 must have a parent/guardian sign this form before taking class.