Hello again to all of our faithful patrons. You may or may not have heard by now, but the scheduled opening date of the studio has unfortunately been postponed. Much to our dismay, there has been a multitude of delays associated with the construction process and as a result, the opening date is now set for June 1st.

As the studio manager, I would like to extend my earnest apology to all of our clients and practitioners. From the day that we started advertising about the studio, there has been an overwhelming outpouring of love, support, and inquiry from people all over the world who have taken a vested interest in Bikram Yoga Marina Del Rey. The amount of selfless consideration that has been thrown our direction is immeasurable and for that, we can never thank you enough. We are truly indebted to you, the yoga practitioners who have believed in us from the start, and with this delay, we are humiliated and embarrassed for letting you down so piteously. In spite of all the frustrations and pitfalls that have occurred during our building process, the only thing that has provided me with relief is the constant reminder that there are a number of things over which I have no control. As yoga practitioners, we are encouraged early to learn that control over any circumstance is in fact an illusion which we create in our own minds. Part of the human condition which we all share is that nothing in life is guaranteed. Plans can be made forthings to function a certain way, but one also has to contemplate that the chaotic forces which drive our very existence do not always allow for such procedures to happen as expeditiously as we would like. I often reflect on a great lesson that I learned from one of my fellow yoginis, Niki Cochren, who I met while going through my yoga training.

Niki was one of the experienced yoga teachers on the staff who helped me morethan I think she knows. On one day in particular during training I was having a very rough time. Everything that I did just was not working as well as it could go and I was making uncharacteristic mistakes. Of course, my uncommon performance rattled me and even made me very angry. At one point, Niki and I were alone outside of the yoga room. She tried to encourage me as best she could, but she somehow sensed that I was allowing my annoyance with myself todismiss her kind words. She reacted to this by hugging me and then she said, “It sucks, doesn’t it?” Not knowing what she meant, I asked her for more clarity and it came in these words: “The feeling you get when you realize that you don’t have control.” It wasn’t until she spoke that I understood what was bothering me. It wasn’t so much that I was not performing at my maximum level. It was that I could not force those conditions to change immediately. It was on that day when I truly learned the meaning of patience. Patience requires us to forgive, even when our good faith has been compromised.

Although it does not make up for the continued waiting period, we are going to extend our 30% pre-sale discount to all customers who purchase a package before the opening on June 1st. Additionally, customers who have already purchased their packages will have their accounts activated to reflect the new studio opening date, as well as receive a FREE GIFT. Thank you again.



3 responses to "The Value of Patience"

  1. thank you for sharing this. i love how bikram yoga has taught me to really breathe and let go and surrender while having control of what i can have control over (just me, my thoughts, and sometimes my body.) i also love how our bodies are different every day and to allow the blessing of simply BEING be perfect. i await your studio’s opening – i am down the street in via dolce!

    10:42 am - 15/05/2012 Reply

  2. Art

    Hi Felita. Thank you so much for your uplifting words. My apologies for not replying to you sooner. As you can imagine, and have probably seen since you live so close, we have been working diligently over the last 2 weeks to ensure that you and everyone else who visits Bikram Yoga Marina Del Rey experiences the most superlative experience possible.

    If you have not done so already, please remember to buy your package early in order to receive your 30% discount (good for all packages purchased before June 1st opening date). I am enthusiastically anticipating the next 48 hours and I cannot wait to meet you face-to-face. Namaste!

    8:51 am - 30/05/2012 Reply

  3. It was worth the wait! I just finished my first ever Bikram class. I’ve had very unsuccessful experiences with yoga until now. Alex, you so patiently answered so many questions for me. Armed with that and the great information on your site, I felt very prepared for today. I appreciate the supportive environment, excellent instruction by Art. Thanks for keeping us informed and congratulations on your opening!

    12:34 pm - 02/06/2012 Reply

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